who We Are

Who We Are

Mentor on the Move 4 Life: Pioneering Change for Youth

Mentor on The Move 4 Life is a newly accredited 501(c)(3) organization, born from a vision to empower youth beyond the limitations set by generational challenges. We at M4L believe in equipping young minds with the resources to not just compete but to surpass expectations, breaking free from inherited constraints. Our approach is proactive and personal- we are ‘Mentoring on the Move.’ By meeting each young individual where they stand, we address the unique blend of emotional and developmental barriers they face. Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that collective community support is pivotal in redirecting the paths of our youth from downward spirals to trajectories of success. 

At M4L, we don’t work in isolation. We build and nuture partnerships with like-minded organizations, fostering a trusted network dedicated to sourcing resources for positive youth and community development. Our approach mirrors a family dynamic, creating a strong community foundation that not only enriches lives but also safeguards our children through empowered communal support.

Our collaboration with the Department of Education (D.O.E) enables us to extend our services to schools within our communities. Over the past year, M4L has been instrumental in organizing youth events and initiating curriculum-based community projects, actively contributing to the transformation of our community schools. M4L stands as a beach of hope and transformation, ensuring that every young person we touch is poised to create a brighter future, for themselves and their community.

Our team: Catalysts for Change

At Mentor on the Move (M4L), our staff is more than just a team- they are skilled change-makers. Each member holds a V.I.R.T (Violence Interruption and Reduction Training) certification, a global standard in combatting gun violence and fostering community safety.

We serve a diverse age range, offering our transformative services to youth (both male and female) from 6 to 15 years, and young adults from 16 to 25 years, across the city and its surrounding metropolitan areas. Our track record is Astoria, New York City, speaks volumes. From organizing Peach Marches to collaborating with other organizations, we are committed to creating safer environments for our youth.

Our mission goes beyond guiding youth reentering society post-incarceration. We actively engage with community youths to prevent them from encountering similar challenges. Though one-on-one and group/peer mentoring sessions, we focus on disrupting high-risk behaviors and fostering positive relationships, even among those who might otherwise remain disconnected due to various affiliations.

Our Mentors: Guiding Lights in Our Journey

At Mentor on the Move, the heart of our impact lies in the hands of our mentors- a diverse a team of both male and female professionals. Each mentor is not only accredited but also a certified expert, deeply attuned to the distinct needs of every young individual we support. Their expertise is more than academic; it’s a blend of real-world experience and compassionate understanding.

We believe in the power of the right match. That’s why we carefully pair each mentee with a mentor who’s not just a guide, but a credible messenger-someone who can provide personalized support and unlock the doors to essential resources.

Whether through gender-specific groups or mixed gatherings, our mentorship approach is designed to forge safes spaces for open dialogue, mutual understanding, and collaborative problem-solving. Here, our mentees learn to navigate and overcome their unique challenges, bolstered by an environment that encourages positive reinforcement and practical, solution-focused thinking.

This is where transformation begins- in the nurturing relationships and empowering exchanges between our mentors and mentees.  At M4L, we don’t just mentor; we build a bridge to a better future for every young person who connects with us.

M4L is on the Move with arms wide for any individual youth or otherwise to feel free to seek knowledge and/or any resource available to build a Community.

Founder & CEO

Tyrone Gardner

Mr. Gardner is the visionary founder and CEO of Mentor On the Move for Life (M4L), a dynamic 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to revolutionizing the re-entry system for justice-involved, lived-experience, and at-risk youth. As a Violence Interruption Reduction Training Certified professional, Mr. Gardner understands the unique challenges that these young people face. He is deeply committed to providing them with the support, guidance, and opportunities they need to overcome obstacles to succeed.

Second Chance, New Beginning

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