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Mentor On The Move 4 Life

Mentor on The Move 4 Life is a newly accredited 501.3c organization created with the idea that youth male and female should be equipped with the correct resource to not only compete with, but exceed the very limitations that has stunted the growth of most of them because of generational circumstances that have been inherited.

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Connecting Young People with Credible Messengers

Our mission is to lead the way to redirecting our youth who are reentering the community from incarceration. We are also hands on with the youth who are staples in the community to prevent them from facing the same fate as their peers. Preventing violence and incarceration in one turn is focal to the uplifting of our community and peers. Our One on One mentoring sessions, Group/Peer mentoring sessions are the way to curtail negative high risk behaviors and form bonds with individuals who wouldn’t necessarily engage each other due to organizational affiliations.


A Second Chance for Young People

We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We are committed to helping young people who have experienced the criminal justice system break negative patterns and promote positive growth. We use evidence-based cognitive behavior modules, community outreach, reformative and restorative justice approaches, and experienced mentors to build trust and instill hope and confidence in our mentees.

Second Chance, New Beginnings

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